Thursday, 5 April 2018

Graphics and protection for rallysport

So not the usual regular vans for business we get through the doors at our boolies moto art section, this time a lovely example of a Mk 2 escort rally prepared vehicle. This customer wanted his car fitted with 3m clear protection, and a few extra graphics on for good measure. Graphics replicated in the legendary Ari vatanens RS1800 colour scheme. Looks fantastic now it’s finished and protected. We will also soon have Manuel Reuters RS500 touring car returning to the workshop soon for new livery supplied and this space.!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The embroidery suite expands its horizons

Since we moved into the unit in showfield lane in 2012 with our two brother Pr650 machines, things have changed massively for us in this area, bigger orders now flowing in, meant we needed faster turnaround and over the last 6 years has seen the addition of another 6 industrial machines enabling us to speed our turnaround up and also allow us to push our embroidery sector further. Custom items being our speciality. Small business owners now happy in the knowledge they don’t have to order 100s in a min order run and can get themselves some nice custom made company uniform for their own businesses at prices that are affordable. To bigger orders of 100s even 1000s of garments in any one order. Here’s some of the most recent embroidery work we’ve done of late for our customers. 

Saturday, 10 March 2018

The birth of a landy.....and Booler4x4

We posted on one of our last posts in 2013 images of the Land Rover bobtail a personal project that nick decided to undertake. A grubby Moss ridden dirty rat infested bag of s**t excuse my language but dear god when I saw that roll up at home I thought steptoe and sons had landed in the yard!!!! 🙈 true and inevitable nick mills style the years that followed and the man hours it demanded a true beauty has risen from the hedge back. Now fully restored and modified our Land Rover bobtail is a fraction of its former self  having extensive work completed all by his fair hands. I’m sure you will agree serious talent he has and huge vision to restore and enhance something to this level....but this my friends is only the beginning!,  what happened next was the birth of another area to our business which makes use of these talents he has, 1. to pay the bills and keep the wolves from the door and 2. enhance the magic of boolies even more @booler4x4 is born in February 2017. 

Small steps to big changes

Rather than Mrs b try to go through five years of news and updates in several blogs, as to what happened and when, some of it is here in our old posts but a lot of has been posted to our Facebook page /bigboolies here or there you can scroll through to your hearts content and get the feed and info of how things developed for us as a company from day 1 in March 2008 to the present day. The move to the unit, the bringing in of man power in the form of nick my husband and soon to be renamed mr boolies!, the jobs we’ve done,  the customer responses and reviews we’ve had, the boolies vans, (and there has been many,lol) the charity events we have done, the expansion of departments to our business, the strong team we have now behind us in Rachel and Caitlin, and the plans that we have made for the future.its all there in an online picture diary for all to see. It still amazes me to this very day how something that was just a light bulb moment ‘I’m going to start a tshirt printing business’ has now become so much more.....a thriving well known, Yorkshire based business called ltd 

Friday, 9 March 2018

It’s been a while..... BUT..... what a while it’s been!!

So it is now March 2018, we have been in a business building time wharp,  and missed 5 years of blogging news!, Oops, but what a five years it’s been. It’s seen the staff count rise to four in total, nick the hubby full time with the company after the move to the unit in showfield was a make or break move, it certainly, after looking back at the first post on this blog was soooooo the right thing to do!
Over the next few blog posts I’m going to bring you bang up to date with what’s happened, what’s new and what’s going to happening in the coming months @bigboolies group 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A serious project to start on

So after the beadlam of Christmas and the new year all dies away and we get back into normal flow of work, time to start putting things back on track with our personal off road building project Boolies Bobtail.....Follow our online photo diary either on here on our facebook page to see how the build progresses.
Bought from a friend with a graveyard of dieing and decaying landies, this beast is being brought back to life by hubby Nick. Literally sat in a hedge back for 12 years, with just a bleed of the clutch, fresh fuel, clean up the points and to my disbelief the bloody thing fired up first time!!.... AMAZEBALLS!. So now as the nights grow lighter and the weather hopefully warms up, time to crack on and hopefully get it finished in the 6 months deadline we've set ourselves. :0{

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New website goes live

So now to today's blog entry......Sunday 2 January 2013. The last 6 months has been one solid busy period with the run up to christmas and christmas orders flying out the door left right and centre...ahhhhh the calming times of January she says?! or so i thought!..busy as ever but a slightly slower pase which eases things for me a bit. What will 2013 bring for Big boolies? well who knows....all good things i hope, and this weekend as i've been writing and updating this blog.....ive been working with a friend/collegue.... on a new fresh looking more upto date website for us and also trying to spend some time on other little project ideas ive got up my sleeve. So finally at 9.25pm i can now say its live!!!.... so feel free to take a browse round the new improved website.