Sunday, 17 March 2013

So again the time has arisen for something new at Bigboolies. The new Boolies Window Tints. Our first weekend this weekend, spent under intense training working with a friend of ours from up't north who has his own tinting business and has experience of over 10 years, so a great opportunity to learn some great tips on how to get the best end result which is what we are aiming for. Stripping the vehicles as much as necessary to ensure the best factory fitted looking finish. Here are a couple of ones we have done so far.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

So after the beadlam of Christmas and the new year all dies away and we get back into normal flow of work, time to start putting things back on track with our personal off road building project Boolies Bobtail.....Follow our online photo diary either on here on our facebook page to see how the build progresses.
Bought from a friend with a graveyard of dieing and decaying landies, this beast is being brought back to life by hubby Nick. Literally sat in a hedge back for 12 years, with just a bleed of the clutch, fresh fuel, clean up the points and to my disbelief the bloody thing fired up first time!!.... AMAZEBALLS!. So now as the nights grow lighter and the weather hopefully warms up, time to crack on and hopefully get it finished in the 6 months deadline we've set ourselves. :0{

Sunday, 20 January 2013

So now to today's blog entry......Sunday 2 January 2013. The last 6 months has been one solid busy period with the run up to christmas and christmas orders flying out the door left right and centre...ahhhhh the calming times of January she says?! or so i thought!..busy as ever but a slightly slower pase which eases things for me a bit. What will 2013 bring for Big boolies? well who knows....all good things i hope, and this weekend as i've been writing and updating this blog.....ive been working with a friend/collegue.... on a new fresh looking more upto date website for us and also trying to spend some time on other little project ideas ive got up my sleeve. So finally at 9.25pm i can now say its live!!!.... so feel free to take a browse round the new improved website.
Sunday 28th October 2012 Opening the Big Boolies doors early, slowly the trail of people started to show, Rob arrived ready to set up and serve the food and drinks, Barbara and my dad came to add the finishing touches to the tombola and Raffle which they kindly offered to be in charge of, taking the pressure off nick and I. This meant that we could mingle amongst the people and enjoy it as much as possible. Motor V8 Media turned up with the fantastic looking 22B from Scooby Clinic and then Danny Precious with his Subaru Race car. Things went really well and just as planned, except for the weather which gave us a typical drizzly on and off forcast but we were so pleased that everyone did not let it spoil the morning. After the day was done we totted up the figures to round up just short of £830.00 for my chosen charity which overwhelmed the both of us...and we would both like to take this oportunity to thank all those involved, we got such a positive feedback from the morning that we have chosen to do it all again in summer 2013 so watch this space for more up and coming info about this years event.
Get better they did, Paul Hoddy of Dynobike offered to open up for the morning and try to get something up on the dynos for a bit of spectator sport, Rob Meynell of Rob Meynell Catering offered us his services to bring up his tea, coffee and bacon sarnie bus, and alot of other friends/customers and family promised to help us make the event as successful as posssible. Now the time ticked on and eventually the day came for Big Boolies official opening day, i was nervous but excited at the prospect of raising a huge amount of money for a charity close to my heart, Hull royal infirmarys intensive care unit. The last place i said my goodbyes to my brother Grant before he slipped away from us. :(
In my personal life, in June 2005 I lost my step brother suddenly to cancer and it felt appropriate that if we did do something like an open event/day that we honour him with it. So i made the desicion to have a breakfast meet at the new Big Boolies premises. After a putting out a few feelers to see what the response would be like we had decided that Sunday the 28th October was a good day to invite friends, family surrounding business owners to come and celebrate us moving forward with the business and making, if you like the next big step forward. So plans well underway we had a huge response from local businesses who donated raffle and tombola prizes to us for the occasion. Also having confirmation from Motor V8 Media that the team at Scooby clinic had lent him their 22B for the event, and Danny precious from DP Racing promised to trailer over his beloved race prepared subaru over to us too. Even The Alfa Nutz club said they would bring their lovely selection of Alfa Romeo cars .....this was turning into a mini car show!!!! Then Pete Stansfied AKA Eat the Rich said he would try to bring something up....... 'everythings in bits' he said 'but ill try to bring somat!!'. This was amazing what a great bunch of people i thought, can this get any better?.....
Feeling a little apprehensive about work on monday morning and still having a few little jobs to do, and the usual niggly teething problems you get when making a big move like this, good old nick took the day off work to come and support me on the Big Boolies first opening day in Malton. Personally i think he wanted to come and work here himself and deep down i know he was itching to put a four poster ramp in and start tinkering with his latest project Land Rover!! NOO!!!... it was not gonna happen!!!!. It was a great day things working really well, a clean and productive working space, far superior than what i'd had at birdsall. Customers came in and complimented us on doing a great job on the place, the other surrounding businesses made me feel very welcome and offered to help me if i ever needed anything which i found so lovely. So now the next stage to plan.... was an official opening day :)