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Opportunities need to be grasped in both hands

With the now finished van and a huge amount of positive feedback through facebook from the online diary of its build,  it seemed we had created a van that stood out against the rest and was our new rolling advert for the business, a loud and proud, bright advert for our Tees, Embroidery, Vehicle Graphics and Custom Stickers service.😄 It started working too!...., more work started to flood in, T-Shirt work, stickers, cars, vans. Then one day, I will never forget this day as long as I live.....the opportunity to have a crack at a big job of doing livery on shall we say 'alot' of vehicles. This worried me and opened us up another issue! Where to do them???!  Working where we were at Birdsall Old Dairy, we had no problem if the weather was decent as we could sticker up vehicles outside but as we all well know, good old british weather cannot be relied upon! So as fate would have it and as if from nowhere, a long term friend of Nicks provided us with the answer to our problem. The

Let’s make a ‘proper in your face’ company van!!

The Whole project of the Merc Van overhaul took us a suprisingly short space of time. Full pics can be seen here at the link below: It was the kids summer holidays,  so they were away at Nana's on a mini break in picturesque Keighley, and also unbelieveable as it was, we got a decent enough break in the rainy summer weather of England, so it meant we could crack on and make a massive hole in the project.  We managed, from start to finish to get the exterior and the interior of the van done within the space of 1 week. Me sorting the interior and Nick sorting the exterior. Also this gave me the chance to come up with a nice bright in your face design for the van in order for it to stand out to the public. It also gave us a chance to create those extra little touches like the embroidered seat covers which I embroidered with what has now become the new Boolies Moto Art logo.