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New Adventures await, and New Website Launches

Today Friday the 14th January 2022 .....Brand New Website launch day. You can quickly look back at my rubbish attempts below at a blog 🙈.....when I was just a 30 something year old woman with a 40 something year old husband and two kids under 7, starting a business and taking the steps and walking a path that would lead us to this present day. The fact that I didn't fill in the blanks from October 2012 to this day clearly gives you some idea of how crazy its been over the last 13 years, to have your finger on the pulse of everything and get to where we all are as a family and business today. 13,  nearly 14 Years on from that day in march 2008, unsatisfied in my current job and had a brain wave to start a T-Shirt printing business, and the after effects of the whirl wind that followed and in which we have all sailed has brought us to this point. If you really want a good insight into the past then you need to go check out the Facebook or Instagram posts since 2008 this will put it