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moving day!!!!

Its Moving Day!!!.  So to ensure there is as little disruption to the working day as possible it has to be a weekend move.  So box trailer hitched to the Boolies van, we have packed, boxed and shifted the business and all it's equipment to the new place on Showfield Lane. Signage all made and ready to go up on the front of the unit, and thankfully the landlord had given it a full lick of paint too!... so a huge improvement all round. This is starting to become all very real worrying and exciting all at the same time and like a fresh start for us at Bigboolies but different from my little office in Birdsall I shall miss the place, but really looking forward to a new start and seeing where this business adventure will take us both.

Lets do this....

Keys received on 1st September, and work is now well underway and with a lot of help from family and friends we plodded on with work to make the unit a clean, tidy and useful working environment. Both of us still doing our daily work at Birdsall, Nick as a self employed agricultural engineer and also working every other hour that god sent down at the unit doing all the necessary jobs that needing doing. What was in the beginning a very dark and dank grey breeze blocked walled unit, was slowly becoming a clean and pleasant office and T-Shirt workroom at the back, and a vehicle livery/workshop space at the front.    White insulated clad panels would give me the warmth and insulation I would need in the t-Shirt room and office, and also make a dark space a nice bright and airy room in which to work in. Grey painted floors made it even brighter and finally we were starting to look like a business ready for the kit to be brought in! about there!