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The day we joined Tiktok

So it happened!!!!, we have joined the tiktok world of video clips, and to be brutally honest it was only a matter of time wasn't it really!!. If you'd like to keep up to date and see the latest footage that comes from #teamboolies then follow us on tiktok handle  The team have all recently been spending a serious amount of time and effort welcoming the cameras into the workshops. Not the kind of TV cameras we've had in the Booler4x4 department this last week, more our own nikon camera, our iPhones and android camera phones. It's for us the only way to understand and see for yourself how things are done here, and that in effect can help you make choices as to if we are the company for you and would you want us to help you with your branding and business or personal image. We personally want to invite you behind the scenes, to view how things are done here, see the processess of how things are produced and what we have to offer in a very visual