Booler4x4 ramps it up a notch for 5th year anniversary

February 2017, the month that a simple conversation started with their accountant Neil Duell from Wasley Chapman & Co Whitby.

Bigboolies by this time, with the introduction of extra staff was now becoming a well oiled machine and Nick found himself with more time on his hands and now experiencing a real chomp at the bit scenario to get back to his real love of spannering. For anyone that knows Nick and Gem personally they will know that vehicles and their love for them is really an obsession aswell as a hobbie.

Gem couldn't stress enough to Nick how much doing something you love and are passionate about can change your whole perspective on working for a living. So after said conversation with their accountant Gem and Nick agreed that if they were going to do this they were going to do it and invest the same passion and dedication that had lead them to establishing Bigboolies.

They planned a strict budget and gave themselves a challenge to find the worst basket case of a vehicle they could possibly find. Enter the S reg Landrover Discovery Td5 find from local scrap yard owner Tommy Neal. Now Gem will tell you nicks brought some really wonderful gems home in the past (sarcastically stated) but this one did really have her thinking What the actual BLEEEEEP!!! 😳😳😳

The smell was INSANE been on a farm yard, with animals such as sheep, dogs and more than likely rats living in it you can imagine the stench🤢 it was a true delight. So much so when the interior was stripped out the tenants opposite were like OMG that stinks!!!!!

Approx. 60 hours later and with nicks skills of refurbing, repairing, restoring a paint job by the guys at Dale and Read Transport Services we had a finished road and off road going Booler build 001.
The interest and followers gained during Nicks build of this Discovery on social media was really great and started what can only be described as the new chosen career path of a Land Rover 'Guru' a nickname given to him by the late Carlton Fuzzyman Husband God rest his soul.😢

So 5 years on in bigger premises, the restorations still go on, he's found a real love and passion for working everyday and doesn't ever feel like he's going to work. With a new member of staff due to start work with him in the coming month, and an appearance on a very well known TV series,  the future looks bright for this once upon a time a simple conversation between three people that started in the office of Bigboolies 5 years ago.


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