Printwear & Promtion

Time last week for the directors to take a trip to one of the key shows in our line of work. Printwear and Promotion at the NEC Birmingham.
This is usually an annual event but unfortunately it has been unable to take place for the last two years with the pandemic so it's been a real shame we've not been able to catch up on a one to one basis with our suppliers and contacts, see whats new and if technology is moving on in the industry - all because of the covid restrictions.
Well this year 'The Unmissable Reunion' was well worth the trip.
Not only did we get to order some more kit in a twin head #tajima #embroiderymachine to improve our own production times but we also got to see our brand new DTF machine actually working after ordering it all remotely and viewing it all online.

Thankfully, pleased to come away in the knowledge we're still up there with the latest tech and we didn't see much more that we didn't already know about how the industry is changing.

Merchandise is now becoming one of our big sellers and can be an important part of any business brand. So you can be safe knowing if there is anything you need to know about these products the research has been done and the printing technology advancing will always be one of our top priorities to stay up to date with.


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