2022 Update

Where has time gone?.... 2022 already?.... shall we have a quick trip down memory lane just to put you in the know of whats gone on here the last few years??..... are you sitting comfortably?

The Covid Story:  

1st Lockdown:

The arrival of Covid-19..... a real worry, the fear of the unknown, the normal route to keeping all staff safe and in a job, .....keeping our customers as equally safe was turning into a real challenge. Garment decoration sales plummeted to an all time low, and hit rock bottom, Booler4x4 thankfully had a full re-chassis refurbishment job to keep it and Nick Busy, Me?.... I found myself in a really difficult and unfamiliar place ..... I had to think FAST and hard to make sure we could do the best with our business to help others and succeed in making headway through a really uncertain time. So we pulled our PPE sales to the forefront, branched out into hygiene screens, for taxis, shops, schools, printed social distancing hi-viz, hard wearing keep your distance floor stickers,  signage and much much more.

After investing a rather large sum of money expanding Booler4x4 into new premises three-four times bigger than the previous one......when your told that you may have to shut it down for a pandemic you can imagine the sheer panic that hit the both of us. Making the decision to furlough all of our staff to leave just the pair of us (hubby and wife living together working together) to do EVERYTHING was heartbreaking, BUT the only way and a real challenge physically, mentally and especially in a marriage too!.

So we battened ourselves down and just did the work, home, work, home for weeks, nights and weekends too. We helped other businesses get back open safely, we helped some get their stock when times were hard too. We raised awareness,  and money for the NHS with our kick Covids butt tees, funded other good causes because of it too, it all helped keep our spirits up and the metabolism going.

We wrapped local businesses windows, did banners and thanked the wonderful NHS for all their hard work and dedication to the cause of keeping us all healthy and safe and allowed to get back to work.

Ups and Lock'downs'...
.continued for another 19 months.......

In July 2020 our staff slowly returned,  all be it staggered but they returned and this was when we could see some small sense of normal returning all be it with masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant as our best friends, social distance was a new in-house and outhouse rule... stay in your zone Boolies crew and customers! but it worked and still has to this very day.

The Government Grant we received no word of a lie, truly helped to save our business, put this alongside dedicated hardworking directors, staff, supportive customers, family and friends, who cared about keeping each other safe, local business whom supported each other when it really meant the world and for all those reasons we are eternally grateful that we are in the here and now moving into February 2022. 

We keep building a future for Bigboolies and Booler4x4 in its freshly refurbished and enhanced premises, New embroidery machines, new printers, an overhauled vehicle livery area, design studio, staff room all done when we had time...... time to invest our time and energy to think about those we employ to make their jobs easier to do and make a more comfortable safe place to work in, but equally and more importantly do the job we are requested to do by our customers on a daily basis.




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